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Transform Anything.
We create spaces and products that bring people together and are able to grow with us.

Our work anticipates the future. Good design is based on a deep understanding of the users' need and the context. We work across many sectors to bring spatial innovation to life. Together, we strive for transformation in every project.

Cuizhai hydrogen energy park.jpg

What if factories become accessible and healthy neighborhoods?

Cuizhai Hydrogen Park

Hydrogen - A storage of endless energy and always in motion - An energetic flow of fusion, electrolysis and synthesis. Beta Realities plans a new kind of factory campus, inspired by the power of green resources. Jinan’s New Energy Industrial Park will make earth’s oldest source of energy tangible - in a fully circular realized hydrogen hub.The rise of hydrogen energy marks a shift from our previous decades focus on Green to Blue Energy.

IAH_Rendering03_(C) Beta Realities, Yoshi Render.jpg

Can a software-approach to architecture revolutionize
affordable housing?

ICON Initiative 99 - Collective Parts

3D-printing affordable housing with a software-based, participatory approach to architecture and planning. Beta Realities' combination of user-friendly design software and a Kit of Parts approach to 3D printing presents a powerful technology platform - transforming the planning, production, and construction chain with a more participatory approach to affordable architecture and neighborhoods that focus on the needs of their users.

UB0003_Shot 2 OP2_Final.jpg

Can we transition from sequenced buildings to integrated vertical communities?

Jinan Urban Balcony Development

Taking strong cues from local architecture, the Jinan Start-up area for growth drives local transformation. Our ecologic masterplan fosters community driven development and finds new ways to allow density mixed-use areas to be connected vertically. The Jinan Urban Balcony aims to advance a new model of inclusive urban development in one of China's fastest growing regions. 

WGP_PublicRendering0_(C)Beta Realities.jpg

Interior spaces that contribute to well-being and exchange.

Makoto Boutique Hotel

The redesign an exclusive Boutique Hotel is situated within the lush national park surrounding of Shanghai. The Makoto Boutique Hotel is designed to be an exclusive recluse from the city. Located within a sustainable village of indoor and outdoor experiences, it’s a sustainable planned adaptive re-use of the existing building fabric.

The integrated interior concept allows for multiple flexible spaces, both public and private.

How does an airport become
a communal center?

Innsbruck Airport Extension

Designed as the world’s first all timber airport, the building re-interprets its typology as open communal place in the middle of the Alps and in close proximity to the city of Innsbruck. The multifunctional building houses the not only the arrival and departure, but a multitude of retail, offices and amenity spaces as well as a marketplace and public promenade.


Can an urban development 
contribute to environmental protection?

Fenix Masterplan Prague

The Fenix masterplan proposes an innovative model of holistic living intertwined with collaborative work environments and recreational facilities activating the site’s largely untouched ecosystem. ue to its proximity to the Vltava river high flood levels the architectural intervention only touches the earth lightly and elevatesfucntions to create a communal network on the ground that acts with a sponge city principle.

02_BetaPort_System_UrbanBeta_©bitscapes + Urban Beta.jpg

What if buildings become
service-oriented products
with many lives?

BetaPort System

Build, Change, Unbuild, Reuse - Scalable building solutions for a circular future: BetaPort provides sustaibable buildings on-demand. Adaptive spaces that are flexible in use and follow an open-source mentality. The patented BetaPort system can grow over time and adapt to future use cases, activated through predictive planning for maximum efficient layouts.

Hexagon campus.jpg

When a campus holistically integrates autonomous technology.

Hexagon Campus Masterplan

Hexagon is a bold vision for an autonomous future where business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive. Hexagon AB operates based on organically, distributed and autonomous organisation principles. Based on an omnidirectional grid,
the masterplan proposes cells that are distributed to grow organically, modular and
are organized as autonomous units.

02_BetaPort_UrbanBeta_©Urban Beta.jpg

How to build a circular
mobility hub in three days.

BetaPort NEXT Mobility Hub

BetaPort NEXT is the world's first circular , fully realized usinmobility hub. Mobility is one of the fastest changing sectors today. Tomorrow's infrastructure must be multimodal in order to address services on land, air and water. Our mobility hub solutions are adaptive, easy to understand and carbon-negative. The hub is fully integrted for novel transport solutions to provide seamless experiences. 

200321_Render Tower4.jpg

How to introduce a green quarter through a gateway.

Wuxi Timber Hybrid

The new gateway tower is to be the largest timber-hybrid construction in China and houses multiple functions like hotel, office and retail. It is located in the newly designed city quarter of Wuxi. The structure draws carbon from the air and store it inside the building’s structure. Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) is one of the main building materials and stands out for its strength, appearance, versatility, and sustainability.

02_BetaHood_UrbanBeta_©Urban Beta.jpg

Mobile and circular
neighborhoods on-demand.


BetaHood aims to create sustainable and participatory neighbourhoods from micro living units. The ambition of these mixed-resident neighbourhoods is the reintegration of homeless people back into society. The project is therefore addressing  social and considerate answers to macro trends such as urbanization, the rapid population growth, the rising gap between rich and poor, and the shift to greener cities in an increasingly service-based society.

02_Day Shot Central Plaza and Main Entrance.jpg

Can we extend cultural heritage through open buildings?

Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg

The Nuremberg Concert Hall enriches the cultural city of Nuremberg with a unique musical experience in which music and space become one and extends the historically rich heritage of the neighbouring Meistersingerhalle.

Based on Nuremberg’s landmark, the duality of its twin castle, two buildings side by  side create a synergetic connection to a coherent unity.

01_Urban Beta_Circular Day Care_Render Street_.jpg

Can a circular daycare act as an educator?

Circular Daycare Berlin

The Kindergarden at Ortlerweg is a sustainable building in all aspects of the design planned to serve as a model typology. The guiding principle is a climate-positive footprint, derived from circular economy principles in construction,, creating a sustainable contribution to the urban quarter. Two thematic structures, the “playhouses”, are connected  by shared functions, giving the Kindergarten its distinct appearance. With the position of the two playhouses, the building becomes  a mediator at the interface between neighborhood and nature - a lively meeting point in the urban quarter.

render neu.jpg

Can refurbishment be systemized for multiple sites?

Circular Daycare Berlin

The industrial park on Veloroute 10 in Kiel serves as a source of inspiration for a city quarter in Kiel. The aim of the pilot project is to change cities sustainably and to create diverse, inclusive places that promote community. A flexible and modular design is envisioned to cater to a universal vision of scalable refurbishment of industrial production sites. The projects are to be realized with the help of element construction, circular planning methods and sustainable, recyclable materials.


Reusable buildings as a participatory system.

BetaPort One

View project.


Can we make planning simpler, automated and more accessible?

Beta Builder
Configurator Software


Can we foster activity and community in a vertical campus?

DKB Headquarter Interior

View project.


New computational approaches to building with timber.

Research Projects at
UCL The Bartlett /
Architectural Association Visiting School Program


Langhaus Render 1.jpg

How to catalyze an outdated building into a communal venue.

Langhaus Theater Schleswig

AErial FINAL.jpg

How to transform an airport region into a green neighborhood.

The Cross at Aviapolis

02_Day Shot Vessel.jpg

Can amphibious buildings be the answer to draughts?

Foram Water Purifyer

Render Exterior 1.jpg

How can a single building become an ecosystem?

SEK Biotech Campus


How mobility changes the fundamentals of urban planning.

Gemini Mobility Concept


Can architecture be autonomous and develop agency?

NoMad Self-Assembly System


An affordable EV as research vehicle for innovation.

Visio.M EV


Can architecture make mathematics exciting?

Batwing Sculpture


How buildings can be owned by many and change over time.

Azure Sky Pavilion

Main Render.jpg

Can landart influence behaviour and vitalize a public square?

Eastside Square Installation

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