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Wuxi Timber Hybrid
Wuxi | China | 2019

The new gateway tower is to be the largest timber-hybrid construction in China and houses multiple functions like hotel, office and retail. It is located in the newly designed city quarter of Wuxi. The structure draws carbon from the air and store it inside the building’s structure. Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) is one of the main building materials and stands out for its strength, appearance, versatility, and sustainability.



Wuxi, China


120.000 sqm




2021, ongoing


2019 - Competition

            4th Prize


Mixed-Use, Office, Retail

Timber high rises as carbon storage.

Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) in construction allows for the significant reduction of the carbon footprint in the building industry, while providing biophile experiences for the visitors and inhabitants alike. The twin tower acts as a carbon storage of enormous magnitude.

The design applies a circular building approach using renewables, secondary material strategies, Cradle2Cradle certifications and the introduction of material passports.

An elevated garden as an urban gateway.

Above the connected retail functions the building bridges one of the biggest seperators of the urban masterplan with an elevated communal garden. This open platform invites to meet and hang out in a natural environment with a view.

The big gesture defines the building massing as welcoming beacon, tht symbolizes togetherness and connection.

200321_Render Tower6.jpg

Connected twins and vertical gardens.

TConnected with their plinth, the tower massings rotate to open up the main vistas to the urban environements. Beautiful views are fostered and each floor is connected via communal areas at the front and end of each tower.

200325_render interior1mirror.jpg

State of the art workplaces.

The same goes for the strategy of highly flexible, healthy and ecologic working environments. Through smart building integration the workplaces become highly adaptive and connected.


Timber Technology.

The towers are developed as an exemplary complex of buildings, which seek to find answers to the social, economic and ecological questions of our times. Newest advances in hybrid building technology open up healthy vertical environments.

200322_Render Tower 13.jpg
200321_Render Tower2.jpg
200321_Render Tower5.jpg
200325_render interior2light2.jpg

Wuxi Timber Hybrid


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke with Christian Tschersich

Collaborators and Advisors
Collaborating Architects: studio DE
Timber Manufacturing: Gebr. Schütt Holzbau
Structure: str.ucture


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