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Urban Production
Kiel | Germany | 2020

The industrial park on Veloroute 10 in Kiel serves as a source of inspiration for a city quarter in Kiel. The aim of the pilot project is to change cities sustainably and to create diverse, inclusive places that promote community. A flexible and modular design is envisioned to cater to a universal vision of scalable refurbishment of industrial production sites. The projects are to be realized with the help of element construction, circular planning methods and sustainable, recyclable materials.


Kieler Wirtschaftsförderung (KiWi)

Kiel, Germany


4.500 sqm


graadwies, Urban Beta




Design Development



Urban Production, Industrial, Refurbshment

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Circular and scalable refurbishment.

The new fit out and expansion of the industrial buidling becomes a material depot that can quickly respond to different functional requirements and workloads. This gives these places sustainable potential as production and work sites that bring people from the neighborhood and region together.

Bausteine Animation.gif
Screenshot 2023-05-08 171527.png

Applying rulesets for automation simplifies the planning process and gives information in real time. Designed for disassembly, each spatial module can be rearranged for different locations.

Design as a
kit of parts.

Expanding the boundaries.

With the potential of the modular building kit the given site is being explored for potential expansion. Mid rises and terrace buildings form an open campus for start-ups and small priduction firms with the possibility to extend further into the industrial environment. Setting the cornerstones for a new healthy and mixed quarter.


The potential of the urban activation scales to create healthy and multifuntional quarters that create a holistic urban vision for Kiel Grasweg.

graphic City worked.jpg
graphic City worked.jpg

From monofunctional to multifunctional mixed quarters.

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Modular spacemaking.

Urban production will have the potential for transforming cities towards sustainability and urbanity. New locally anchored economies can be envisioned as an innovation driver. Healthy and holistic urban developments become a healthy driver for dialoue between urban actors. With a modular concept we design for multiple sites and inteventions with scaling potential.

Social exchange and behavioural change.

With the measures taken, the old industrial site becomes a center point for a variety of uses. Social stairs form the central spine for new social activation.

Screenshot 2023-05-08 171610.png
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Screenshot 2023-05-08 171338.png
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A second life for the whole community.

Selected actors from different sectors of urban production bring the future-oriented concept of the hall to fruition and create synergies in the neighborhood and in the further environment.

BetaPort NEXT


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke

Urban Beta

Anke Parson, Florian Michaelis, Lara Schönweiß

Research Partners
Project Development and Local Architect: graadwies
Building Technology: BetaPort Systems


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