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We are Beta Realities.
We challenge conventions and question the norm to transcend the boundaries of spatial design.

Rather than a planning studio, we see ourselves as an incubator for good ideas. This informs all our work as we continue to explore ways for enriching the lives of people living and working in and around our buildings.

Design Thinking.

Beta Realities is a spatial innovation studio creating inclusive, innovative and transformative spaces. Our work deals with social justice, predictive planning, co-creation and the democratization of design. We are an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, architects, urban planners and project developers, who aim for transformative projects.

We act at the interface of societal, environmental and technological shifts. Our projects are created together with

the customers and users.

210410_Static City NEW BLACK.png

From static constructs
to dynamic systems.

Adapting our urban environment.

Tomorrow‘s spaces are designed around humans and can react to their changing needs. These spaces live, breathe and interact with us.

Value-based Design.

We believe that architecture creates transformation. This informs all our work as we continue to explore ways for enriching the lives of people living and working in and around our buildings. We see ourselves as an interface for spatial innovation.

We are an impact-driven company that changes the way we build the future. We see ourselves as system designers that aaim to constantly create regenerative, fair and inspiring environments. Our core values guide all of our projects.

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Impact through

Sustainable architectural design and project development. Spatial systems that are efficient in planning, yet beautiful.

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Foresight by

Active research, foresight and consulting on emerging technology, digitalization and automation in
the building sector.

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„Building as a Service“: We provide flexible spatial systems, that are scalable and enable new
business models on-demand.

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Circular design and material innovation combined with efficient digital planning for local and ecological manufacturing chains.

Innovation with a Method.

Our consulting and planning follows a core methodology to guarantee not only successful and impactful results, but growing with each project. We try to guide our clients towards results that become greater than the initial brief.

We use an iterative process, that is based on a participatory approach, were our team and client work closely together to co-create and grow. With our strong focus on innovation we try to cross-fertilize every project.

210410_Methodology NEW BLACK.png

Iterative processes with
individual project phasing.

We partner with forward thinkers to build  impactful spaces.

Our modular design and consultancy package allows to adapt to individual needs for a wide variety of design challenges.

Meet our Team.

Our ambitious team includes designers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and an array of highly skilled specialists.

With our network,we ensure the ecologic, economic, social and cultural sustainability of our project vision and their efficient realization. We are looking forward to work with you.


200722_Marvin bratke.jpg
200819_Paul Bart.jpg
240214_Simone Lang.jpg
240214_Sven Jacob bauer.jpg
240214_Sven Jacob bauer2.jpg

Marvin Bratke
Managing Partner

Paul Clemens Bart
Managing Partner

Simone Lang
Public Relations

Sven-Jacob Bauer
Senior Design Architect
Project Lead

230427_Felix Grauer.jpg
240214_Anton Klyshnia.jpg

Felix Grauer
Senior Architect

Anton Klyshnia
Design Architect

240214_Alisa von Postel.jpg
240214_Emre Bilol.jpg

Alisa von Postel
Design Architect

Emre Bilol
Design Architect

Our Founders.

230215_Founder Pic 2015.jpg

We see potential in things beyond their immediate function.

Paul Clemens Bart | Marvin Bratke

Dynamic foresight, urban innovation and materialization of future narratives are our goals.  To reach them we work on intelligent fusion of formerly disconnected fields.

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