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Spatial Innovation.
We design for the future and help
our clients to shape it.

Boldly, and always informed by strategic insight: We are working on spatial innovation with a participatory approach. Our work deals with social justice, predictive planning, co-creation and the democratization of design.


With our architecture we try to mitigate between design innovation and rational to find efficient solutions with outstanding, future-proof design. Our focus lies on the creation of spatial innovation, often with a system design approach. We create buildings across functionalities and search for a wider socio-cultural inclusion.

Our designs include airports that become community centers, buildings that redefine the idea of ownership, towers that become connective tissues and buildings that are designed for disassembly. Our building designs are impactful, inclusive,  unconventional and multidisciplinary solutions.

Sustainable Building Design.

Brand Architecture.

Building Technology.

Strategy Consulting and Foresight

We engage with clients early in the process to set social, economical and governance standards to define clear goal oriented strategies. Research and consulting is part of our core work. We actively engage in teaching, academia  and consulting to create a studio eco-  system, where practice can benefit from  research.

Consulting clients on future strategies, building technology, circularity, mobility and spatial innovation is our core business, We constantly reflect on our architectural  solutions and brings them in context with  advances in science, technology and re-  search. We built our studio as a platform to constantly grow with us.

Project Development.

Circularity and Sustainability.

Future Technology.

Interior and
Spatial Branding

We create spaces with the user’s experience top of mind. Interiors are the interface to our buildings and where we spend most of our time. Our approach generates human-centered spaces that can grow and change with us over time.

Adaptability and a strong visual identity defines amny of our projects, from branded retail spaces that integrate newest technology to future workplace strategies that enable hybrid forms of collaboration and interaction. 

Workplace Design.


Retail & Exhibition.


We take a comprehensive view on the built environment, implementing spatial strategies on different scales and phases. We work as consultants and support project developers in defining and crystalizing their ideas as well as urban planners on larger scales.

We engage deeply with communities, project developers and future users to help answer spatial questions and give clarity on the complexity of urban planning and multiple stakeholder involvement.  We add positive value to aging infrastructures and aim for vivid urban environments in times of rapid urbanization and faster changing lifestyles.





We see products as an integral part of our wider design thinking and our efforts in spatial planning. Architecture is often limited by off the shelf solutions and standardized components. We take aim in designing for quality in detail.

Our work in sustainability, software, mobility, furniture, art and installation makes us connect to society’s larger topics. Every journey starts with the user, from smallest product to largest architectures.




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