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02_Day Shot Central Plaza and Main Entrance.jpg

Meistersingerhalle Concert Hall
Nuremberg | Germany | 2018


City of Nuremberg

Nuremberg, Germany


17.000 sqm


Matthijs LaRoi Architects




Competition completed




The Nuremberg Concert Hall enriches the cultural city of Nuremberg with a unique musical experience in which music and space become one and extends the historically rich heritage of the neighbouring Meistersingerhalle.

Based on Nuremberg’s landmark, the duality of its twin castle, two buildings side by side create a synergetic connection to a coherent unity. Connected in a symbolic ‘band’, a circulating podium made of natural stone links the ensemble. The solid base grounds the structure, which creates an inviting lightness through its vertical foyer as a central distributor together with a translucent, energy-optimized roof construction.

01_Evening Shot Concert Mode.jpg

A cultural

As a cultural jewel of the Nuremberg metropolitan area, the concert hall awakens curiosity and attraction through its interplay of tradition and contemporary stylistic idioms - employing a contemporary language of forms, which playfully takes over the modernist elements of the Meistersingerhalle, such as the formation of a horizontal pedestal, and reinterprets them in a contemporary way.

Reviving a heritage site.

Through the extension of the historical and protected Meistersingerhalle, the cultural site opens up to include old and new building into one holistic cultural ensemble.

03_Interior Main Hall Foyer.jpg

Connecting old and new in a lively ensemble.

The permeable structures allow for an open structure that invites the city, communites and visitors into a new cultural campus.

04_Aerial Shot_ Urban Integration.jpg

Campus and parkland.

The building stitches the urban fabric and connects disconnected areas with the adjacent park side. Cultural events activate the surrounding areas with seasonally changing programmes.

02_Access and Circulation.png

Creating an open building.

All areas around the central concert hall are designed as 3-dimensional landscape that seamlessly flows through the builidngs, inspired by the notion of the "Stadtlandschaft" (urban landscape).

Meistersingerhalle Concert Hall


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke

Collaborating architect: Matthijs LaRoi Architects


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