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Boutique Hotel

Shanghai | China | 2022



Shanghai, China


1.200 sqm



2022 - ongoing





Hospitality, Refurbishment

Beta Realities is redeveloping an exclusive Boutique Hotel situated within the lush national park surrounding of Shanghai. Refurbishing existing buildings, we envision a healthy and revitalizing oasis of hospitality. The Makoto Boutique Hotel is designed to be an exclusive recluse from the city. Located within a sustainable village of indoor and outdoor experiences, it’s a sustainable planned adaptive re-use of the existing building fabric.

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A welcoming gesture.

The integrated interior concept allows for multiple flexible spaces, both public and private - a classical cocktail bar and restaurant with private dining options, generous lobby, co-working and break out spaces as well as multiple unique guest rooms catering for various visitor types.

Next generation hospitality.

Multifunctional spaces with an elaborate material concept create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The comprehensive material and furniture strategy allows for originality, summarized in our concept of “Integrated Design”, which includes integrated furnishing, light design, wayfinding, haptics and interactive elements that allow for participation and change of perception around the year.

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Where heritage meets innovation.

The ammenitiy spaces are designed around a holistic concept of healthy materials, flow inspired interiors, luxury and modern furnishing as well as a selected collection of artworks, which give thematic guidance throughout the spaces.

Intelligent wayfinding.

MulWe designed an integrated wayfinding system that is honours the existing building substance and elevates it with timeless crafted materials.

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A unique spatial experience.

RaThe architecture concept fully activates the existing substance and gives it new meaning, life and function: The Makoto hotel becomes a center of attraction and revitalization.

Currently the new hotel is in construction, renovating a series of existing residential buildings.

Comfortable suites with a timeless ambience.

The design of each suite in the refurbished building was carefully crafted to maximize the existing rooms and enhance them with multiple functions.

The rooms are design in harmony with traditional principles, but offer high-tech fit-outs, that integrates seamlessly into each bespoke surface.

A deliberately crafted spatial order complements the bespoke material mix.

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Multifunctional rooms with exceptional comfort.

All hotel rooms are designed with a functionality first approach. In combining classical hospitality functions in a new approach we create individual objects and fit-outs that allow diferent uses throughout the day and season.

Seamless spatial concept.

ThFrom the entrance deep into the room vistors are lead by the guiding design principles for each room. Every stay becomes a unique experience.

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Makoto Boutique Hotel


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke, Binqui Luo, Philipp Hohmann


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