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We are Beta Realities.

As digital natives, we work worldwide from multiple locations. Our main offices are located in Berlin and New York City.

Where to find us.

Beta Realities was founded in 2023 in Berlin, combining more than 30 years of experience  on international design projects. Since then we expanded to cater to multiple markets overseas.

Our headquarter is in Berlin and we have a project studio in New  York City. Our projects are located across the globe collaborating with multiple clients from all regions of the world.


Berlin Studio (HQ)
Leipziger Straße 60/61
10117 Berlin

NY Studio
Brookly NYC

Shanghai Studio
Coming soon

Project Range.

We work globally as a network of creative minds.

Our work is interdisciplinary, science-driven, and forward-looking in one comprehensive approach.

Get in Contact.

We believe that architecture creates transformation. This informs all our work as we continue to explore ways for enriching the lives of people living and working in and around our buildings. We see ourselves as an interface for spatial innovation.

We are an impact-driven company that changes the way we build the future. We see ourselves as system designers that aaim to constantly create regenerative, fair and inspiring environments. Our core values guide all of our projects.

Studio Berlin

Studio NY

New Business

Beta Realities
Leipziger Straße 60/61
10117 Berlin

Beta Realities
253 Washington Avenue
11205 Brooklyn

For new business and project
inquiries, please contact:

Director: Marvin Bratke
+49 151 23000608

Director: Paul Clemens Bart
+1 (347) 889-4284

Press Inquiry

For press inquiries, lectures and speaking engagements please contact:

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