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Innsbruck Airport Terminal
Innsbruck | Austria | 2020

Designed as the world’s first all timber airport, the building re-interprets its typology as open communal place in the middle of the Alps and in close proximity to the city of Innsbruck. The multifunctional building houses the not only the arrival and departure, but a multitude of retail, offices and amenity spaces as well as a marketplace and public promenade. Beta Realities designed the new main terminal building of the Innsbruck Airport as transformative spatial system with a focus on sufficiency and circular material strategies.


Tiroler Flughafen GmbH

Innsbruck, Austria


15.800 m2


graadwies, Urban Beta




Competition completed


Infrastrcutrue, Transport, Office, Retail


Mobility hubs for multimodal transport.

Completely equipped from renewables with material passports, its adaptive material strategy extends into  a circular business model that is built on subscription based systems, allowing to change the functional mix over time.

The airport therefore fully grows and adapts with its use. 

Predictive planning with a system approach.

The framework for the structure is highly flexible in use. To achieve a building that changes over time, we applied a kit of parts logic of reversible elements that allow different spatial scenarios over time.

BetaPort_Tyrol_Diagrams_02_Spatial Planning Tool.gif

Programmatic flexibility.

Hybrid mass timber system.

BetaPort_Tyrol_Diagrams_09_Programmatic Flexibility.gif

A flexible building model allows for spatial flexibility over the life of the airport, adopting to new considtions as safety regulations, potential expansions and post-pandemic air travel.

Mass timber elements are produced in a clean and controlled factory environement. Timber components are pre-fabricated to create a simple kit of parts that minimizes on-site work.

BetaPort_Tyrol_Diagrams_08_Hybrid Mass Timber Structural System.JPG

Innsbruck Airport Terminal


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke with Florian Michaelis, Leonie Kliemann

Collaborators and Advisors
Building Technology: BetaPort Systems
Timber Manufacturing: Gebr. Schütt Holzbau
Exective Architect: graadwies
Structure: str.ucture



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