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ICON Initiative 99
Collective Parts

Austin, TX | USA | 2024


Icon Technology Inc.

Austin, Texas, USA






2023 - ongoing





Residential, Social Housing

We revolutionize 3D-printing with a software-based, participatory approach to architecture and planning.


Beta Realities' combination of user-friendly design software and a kit of parts approach to 3D printing presents a powerful technology platform - transforming the planning, production, and construction chain with a more participatory approach to affordable architecture and neighborhoods that focus on the needs of their users.
Our integrated end-to-end process commences with the initial building design: By designing functional objects instead of preconfigured homes, intelligent building parts precede the actual building.

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Revolutionize the way we build.

Collective Parts enable flexible  layouts for 3d-printed neighborhoods. Created on-demand, within set timeframes and budgets. Collective Parts place the planning of beautiful homes directly into the hands of future residents, empowering community involvement and engagement

A software approach to 3D-printing architecture.

In three steps we create affordable buildings and neighborhoods that focus on the needs of their users.

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Through custom software, future homeowners easily select suitable and affordable building parts. The software assists in the selection of appropriate building parts, compiling them into customizable homes.

By designing functional objects instead of preconfigured homes, we save materials and harness the power of AI-assisted planning to create efficient and adequate layouts.

Our integrated software and Kit-of-Part approach ensure meticulous control over every aspect of the building’s lifecycle. The software feeds fabrication information directly to 3D printers on-site.

Scalable and affordable homes on-demand.

From shape and size to design and appearance, all elements are customizable and deployable based on the customer’s preferences and budget. Embedded adaptive furniture for both interior and exterior spaces maximizes the advantages of individual 3D printing.

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Collective Neighborhoods.

We seek to construct residences catering to people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles while preserving our planet’s resources. The innovative and digitalized end-to-end processes of Collective Parts enable flexible neighborhood layouts to be created on-demand, within set timeframes and budgets.

Smart homes empowered by automation.

By digitally transforming the construction industry, starting from planning to in-situ production, our system delivers superior quality, healthier, sustainable, and affordable living experiences.

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IAH_Diagram 03_(C) Beta Realities.jpg

Individually catered homes.

Our integrated end-to-end process commences with the initial building design: Collective Parts place the planning of beautiful homes directly into the hands of future residents, empowering community involvement and engagement.

Choose from a vast variety of options.

Users can plan, decide, and explore numerous design possibilities, validating and optimizing their choices.

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IAH_Rendering07_(C) BetaRealities, Morean.png
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Vivid communities with a future-proof concept.

With the digital process chain we manage to deliver individually catered homes, that fit not only to single residents, but give diversity and interestingness to hole communities.

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Individual   configurations.

Offering a software approach to planning users have a variety of choices that come with the custom software. Fit-outs, rooves and interiors can be easily customized and visualized before construction.

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IAH_Rendering04_(C) BetaRealities, Morean.png

Affordable homes for everyone.

Our approach empowers multiple users to form urban aggregations collectively. The software generates fully engineered multi-family homes, complete with area schedules, floor plans, cost estimates, and embodied carbon calculations.

High quality,
multi-functional interiors

Our interiors are custom catered to each resident's needs. The homes feature a variety of offerings of intelligent multi-use furniture that efficiently uses the spaces.

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Affordability is key: Premium living for
99.000 $ or less.

The standard configuration offers affordable living with a premium factor. High-quality built-in furniture with flexible space layouts guarantee a new standard in social residencies.

Seasonal offerings
and brand collaborations.

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IAH_Plan Layout 02_(C) Beta Realities.jpg

By creating service-oriented products, Collective Parts offer the potential for brand collaborations and new circular business models. The software can include seasonal offerings, continuous updates, and curated collections, unlocking unparalleled benefits for partners and future residents.

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Robotic construction.

Construction-scale 3D printing not only delivers higher-quality homes faster and more affordably, but fleets of printers can change the way that entire communities are built for the better.

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ICON Initiative 99 - Collective Parts


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke, Sven-Jacob Bauer, Mateo Fernandez, Felix Grauer, Anton Klyshnia

Technology Supervisor
ICON Technology Inc.

Video Animation

Yoshi Render Studio, Morean


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