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Hexagon Campus Masterplan
Shenzen | China | 2023


Hexagon AB

Shenzhen, China



70.000 sqm





Concept Design



Production, Office

Hexagon is a bold vision for an autonomous future where business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive. Hexagon AB operates based on organically, distributed and autonomous organisation principles. Based on an omnidirectional grid,the masterplan proposes cells that are distributed to grow organically, modular andare organized as autonomous units.

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Technologic advance with a humanistic approach.

Hexagon is the global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector and mobility applications. The campus proposal combines this technologic approach with an intricate architectural concept that puts social meeting points into the center of the design.

Intelligent wayfinding and functional clustering.

The Hexagon Campus is a production facility with a mixed-use program approach: clustered in distinct but correlated office headquarters, production lines and supporting semi-public facilities of showroom and canteen.

HEX_Rendering2_(C)Yoshi Render, Beta Realities.jpg

A flexible

The campus indicates a clear gateway as part of a larger innovation valley masterplan. In a holistic approach architecture and landscape fuse into a functional and scalable masterplan, built from modular cells.

HEX_Rendering4_(C)Beta Realities.png
HEX_Rendering5_(C)Beta Realities.png

Inside-out approach.

An industrial campus that is turned inside-out: Logistical and technical processes turn into an experience thanks to a clever landscaping concept. The integration of open space and landscape features is merged into the building concept and continuous fluidly throughout the plan.

HEX_Diagram1_(C)Beta Realities.png
HEX_Diagram4_(C)Beta Realities.png

The hexagonal network.

A cellular grid with intuitive wayfinding creates orientation and meeting opportunities. The
modular and future-proof setup is ready for coming extensions.

Built for growth.

A distributed, omnidirectional
masterplan layout allows for
organic growth for future
expansions. The site area is
program down in pedestrian
friendly, modular developable
programmatic zones.

HEX_Diagram2_(C)Beta Realities.png

Hexagon Campus Masterplan


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke, Binqui Luo, Mateo Fernandez, Anton Klyshnia, Felix Grauer

Local Architect

Yoshi Render


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