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Cuizhai hydrogen energy park.jpg

Hydrogen Park

Cuizhai | China | 2022


Jinan Chanfa Capital Group

Cuizhai, China


310.000 sqm


Qingdao Eastrong Design Co., Ltd.




Concept Design



Factory, Industrial, Energy

Hydrogen - A storage of endless energy and always in motion - An energetic flow of fusion, electrolysis and synthesis. Beta Realities plans a new kind of factory campus, indpred by the power of green resources. Jinan’s New Energy Industrial Park will make Earth’s oldest source of Energy tangible -in a fully circular realized hydrogen hub. The rise of hydrogen energy marks a shift from our previous decades focus on Green to Blue Energy.
With the Hydrogen Park, H2 Energy Production will go full circular -embracing circular construction and thinking, realized in a social and green campus.


A hydrogen hub goes full circle.

The energy of Jinan’s Hydrogen Circular Hub can be felt from anywhere in the materplan. Its central core is radiating outwards, layer by layer from its heart along the concentric organised secondary street network and public places of the masterplan.

From green to blue.

The building masterplan represents a fully circular production chain. Feedback loops between different energy lanes are combined in a fully circular campus. The buildings form an efficient ensemble that allows for vast and lush green spaces to create a lively urban neighborhood.

CEP_Rendering2_(C)Beta Realities, Yoshi Render.jpg
CEP_Rendering7_(C)Beta Realities.png

Sustainable production hubs.

The ecologic factory is split into functional hubs that cater to the production of specific elements. Lika a heterogeneous village, the hub forms around a central vivid spine, where workflows meet and exchange between departments can happen.

A carefully crafted masterplan.

With future extensions in mind, the campus creates a unique visual identity transportet by natural and ecologic material choices. Future extensions are already planned into the modular design approach.


Intelligent programming.

The masterplan naturally creates zones with high visibility and clear structure. With natural architectural interventions we create  integrated safety barriers and public zoning.

Screenshot 2023-04-28 162920.png
Screenshot 2023-04-28 162949.png

A clear focus point for visitors and workers.

Radial grid variations create a clear central focal point on site, all production lines circulation and clustering around the core of the masterplan.

Screenshot 2023-04-28 162849.png

Open spaces for future technology.

A series of public to private open spaces include recreational outdoor activites for researcher and workers on site, visitor facilities and flexible event plazas.
Diverse access to the outdoors is promoting a healthy lifestyle and making clean energy a holistic experience in all aspects of life and production.

Cuizhai Hydrogen Park


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke, Binqui Luo

Collaborating architect: Qingdao Eastrong Design Co., Ltd.
Spatial Concept: Urban Beta


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