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01_Urban Beta_Circular Day Care_Render Street_.jpg

Circular Daycare Ortlerweg
Berlin | Germany | 2021

The Kindergarden at Ortlerweg is a sustainable building in all aspects of the design planned to serve as a model typology. The guiding principle is a climate-positive footprint, derived from circular economy principles in construction,, creating a sustainable contribution to the urban quarter. Two thematic structures, the “playhouses”, are connected  by shared functions, giving the Kindergarten its distinct appearance. With the position of the two playhouses, the building becomes  a mediator at the interface between neighborhood and nature - a lively meeting point in the urban quarter.


Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA)

Berlin, Germany


1.000 sqm


graadwies, Simon Bollongino




Competition completed




02_Urban Beta_Circular Day Care_Render Garden_.jpg

Communal gatherings in an open house.

Viewed on a human scale, the structure interlocks seamlessly with its surroundings and guarantees a natural  appearance. This makes the KiTa a lively addition to the quarter, a meeting point for the neighborhood and a place where generations come together, exchange ideas and live a community.

Inviting landscapes.

The daycare is conceived as an open building: Two playhouses are rotated to introduce a communal entrance that extends in and through the building as a communal landscape.

03_Urban Beta_Circular Day Care_Render Entrance_.jpg

Educational playhouses.

The buildings is situated site sensitive in between two main roads. The rotation of two playhouses and their architectural connection gives the building its unique shape. It is conceived a a flowing play and learning space and lively village square, where the kids can play, exchange, learn and grow together.

01_Urban Beta_Circular Day Care_Explosion_.jpg
02_Urban_Beta_Circular Day Care_Floorplan EG.jpg

The fusion of landscape and building.

The interactive learning landscape runs through the building over several floors and connects the forecourt with the green adventure courtyard. The building sits as a permeable structure, zoning in the center.

06_Urban Beta_Circular Day Care_Interior Foyer.jpg

Open, creative and flexible spaces.

The rooms are designed in such a way that interpersonal encounters, chance encounters and spontaneity are encouraged. Breakout zones and flexible areas also provide privacy when needed.

Circular Daycare Ortlerweg


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke with Simon Bollongino, Florian Michaelis and Anke Parson

Collaborating architect: graadwies
Spatial Concept: Urban Beta


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