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BetaPort ONE
Berlin | Germany | 2021

BetaPort One is the world's first circular hub prototype,  implemented with BetaPort System's efficient planning process and our ecological building system (first generation). BetaPort One seamlessly integrates innovative mobility solutions and charging infrastructure into a new generation mobility hub: circular, sustainable, participatory planned and easy to scale. With our circular design approach, every BetaPort ONE pop-up becomes an actively managed material depot including material passports. 


Greentech Festival Berlin

Berlin, Germany


102 sqm


Urban Beta, BetaPort Systems, graadwies, Gebr. Schütt, str.ucture, Trilux, Wieland, JackBeNimble, Morean







Exhibition, Mobility Hub, Temporary Building


Scalable building solutions for a circular future.

BetaPort ONE is a showcase for circular "Building As a Service" (BAaS) solutions for sustainable architectures on-demand. Designed as adaptive spaces that are flexible in use and follow an open-source mentality. The building can grow over time and adapt to future use cases, activated through predictive planning for maximum efficient layouts. BetaPort offers the seamless integration of technical solutions as well as a circular production chain, including material tracking.

Digitally planned using automation.

For BetaPort we designed an interactive planning tool: The Beta Builder. It serves as an interactive platform  to connect various project stakeholders, decision makers, planners and users alike. Using machine learning and custom algorithms the configurator is designed for playful and efficient planning. It eliminates planning errors , anticipates building costs and creates production data

A flexible
kit of parts.

Designed for disassembly, each spatial module can be rearranged for different locations. Applying rulesets for automation simplifies the planning process and gives information in real time.

02_Diagram_BetaPort_Voxel Reconfiguration.JPG

Affordable and easy to build.

On site all elements are easy to assemble, by skilled and non-skilled workers. BetaPort fosters the democratization of construction through its participatory, systematic and open-source approach to building. We offer digital manuals for all building scales and sizes, including custom elements.

03_Diagram BetaPort_Endless Possibilities.JPG

Designed for a disassembly.

BetaPort uses material passport and reversible connections. Completely designed from renewables or cycled materials BetaPort aims to provide sustainable buildings that create carbon sinks and active material depots.

From vision to reality

We used various methods from pre visualisation to AR tools on site to steamline and showcase new planning processes and guarantee a result that exceeds the initial vision.

Ready to scale.

In this first prototype, we showcased a vision in 2021 that began to grow into a valid and scalable building technology with commercialization in 2023.

08_Diagram BetaPort_Ready to Scale.JPG

Spaces for the commons.

The building system aims to create inclusive spaces that can change over time. Spaces where people like to stay, meet and interact. BetaPort not only enables efficient building but the parts have multifuntional uses and lifecycles.

BetaPort ONE


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke

Urban Beta

Anke Parson, Florian Michaelis, Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke, Lara Schönweiß

Research Partners
Building Technology: BetaPort Systems
Structure: str.ucture
Light Design: JackBeNimble, Trilux
Timber Manufacturing: Gebr. Schütt KG
Electrical Systems: JUNG, Wieland
Interactive Configurator: Morean




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