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BetaPort System
Worldwide | since 2021

Designed as the world’s first all timber airport, the building re-interprets its typology as open communal place in the middle of the Alps and in close proximity to the city of Innsbruck. The multifunctional building houses the not only the arrival and departure, but a multitude of retail, offices and amenity spaces as well as a marketplace and public promenade. Beta Realities designed the new main terminal building of the Innsbruck Airport as transformative spatial system with a focus on sufficiency and circular material strategies.


BetaPort Systems GmbH





BetaPort Systems, Urban Beta, graadwies, str.ucture, Morean


2021, ongoing


2021 - Prototype 1

2022 - Prototype 2

2023 - Commercialization


Commercial, Mobility, Office, Education

02_BetaPort_System_UrbanBeta_©bitscapes + Urban Beta.jpg

Revolutionary building technology.

BetaPort provides the world's first scalable and circular building system on-demand. With the circular technology buildings allow change over time, can adapt to various site conditions at no extra costs and are being able to be efficiently built back and reused. A product-based approach to building allow for cost efficiency and for long-term return on investment in all aspects of the value chain.

Smart buildings made from intelligent blocks.

BetaPort is a certified and patented building technology. Every element is tested and quality checked in the factory to guarantee a great product. On site all elements are fast and easy to assemble.


Ready to scale.

Thanks to our intelligent building technology, the system can construct flexible buildings time- and cost-efficient. We introduce new planning tools powered by AI and an industry 4.0 production approach.

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Designed for a circular and carbon-zero lifestyle.

BetaPort applies a circular building approach using renewables with material passports. The design for disassembly approach enables us to offter mobility hubs as subscription models  (BetaPort as a Service - BAaS).

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The Beta Builder.

The BetaPort configurator makes designing buildings easy and cost-efficient. Automated for quick decision making and detailed enough for production and assembly data. Contact us and get into building you mobility hub.


First prototype:
BetaPort ONE

The first BetaPort was release at GREENTECH FESTIVAL 2021 at Berlin's Heeresbäckerei. The demonstrator proofed the kit of parts logic and reusability of the building system for single story buildings.


Multi-story prototype:
BetaPort NEXT

The second stage system development for multi-story building up to three floors and German building class III was released at GREENTECH FESTIVAL 2022 at Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL). For the first time facades were implemented in German KfW and GEG standards.


BetaPort System


Beta Realities
Paul Clemens Bart, Marvin Bratke

Urban Beta
Anke Parson, Florian Michaelis, Marvin Bratke, Paul Clemens Bart, Isabella Luger, Max Solomon, Lara Schönweiß

Collaborators and Advisors
Building Technology: BetaPort Systems
Timber Manufacturing: Gebr. Schütt Holzbau
Structure: str.ucture

Platform and Configurator: Morean
Lighting: JackBeNimbke, Trilux
Facade: Schüco

Photos BetaPort ONE, BetaPort NEXT

Visualisation, bitscapes

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